Create interactive applications with multiple pages.


Present content interactive, flexible and in multimedia: With the ClickThrough App various content can be freely positioned as a layer on several pages. A layer as well as a button can be used for navigation purposes or as a container. Within a container you may position either media of different formats - or straight away complete apps. Layers may be positioned freely on one or more pages, which can be linked via buttons. That way users can switch swiftly between different topics, designs and layouts. The configuration is facilitated intuitively via the integrated in-app editor.

Layer functionality

A layer can manage various content. Multiple media files, apps and widgets can be embedded in a layer. Additionally a layer can serve as a button for navigation.

Pages / Workspaces

A page used as a workspace contains a combination of layers. You can create as many pages as you like. Multiple pages can be linked via corresponding buttons.

Automatic time-dependent change

After a certain period of time the app automatically turns to the next page.

Button navigation

Layers can be used as navigation buttons to switch between pages and desktop.

Button animation

When a layer is used for navigation, you can choose between several onclick animations.

In-app editor

Layers and desktops can be configured quickly and easily with the comfortable In-app editor.

Latest App-Version

Version: 1.14.0

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