Interactive MultiUSER Apps on large touch screens provide for effective marketing and collaborative team work: All Apps can be designed individually and equipped with own contents, such as pictures, videos and pdf-files.

Unlimited possibilities of use

The possibilities of use are unlimited: You can present your own products and brands in an interactive and exciting way, you can playfully experience products and brand environments or you can master creative and complex tasks commonly in a team.

MultiTOUCH: Intuitive control

Our Apps are geared to be controlled with multiple fingers from the very basis. You can easily touch, drag, turn and enlarge virtual objects – with only one movement of your hand. This way, all applications can be managed more intuitively than ever before and make complicated menus a thing of the past.

MultiUSER: Innovative software concepts

Interactive touch-Apps on large displays offer new opportunities for innovative software concepts, as such hardly imaginable for smart phones or tablets: MultiUSER. To control the same application parallel and together with several people on one display, depicts an evolution in the human-computer-operation: Touch future - together!

MultiTAG: Virtual integration of real objects

eyefactive is the leading service provider for interactive MultiTOUCH displays with optical tracking technology. Next to contact and motion, these systems offer the opportunity to recognize objects by means of so-called tags, which function similar to bar codes.

This way, real objects can easily be integrated into virtual applications, for example as products with multimedia information that get indicated when placed on the screen. The use of such MultiTAG systems is fundamentally integrated in the eyefactive AppSuite and can be utilized optionally.