All Apps, Views and Widgets can be changed and individualized in many parameters. Even without knowledge on programming, you can yourself conduct this process by means of the integrated Content-Management-System in the AppManager of the AppSuite. This way, you create your own individual Apps and Widgets. You can save them centrally and thereafter reutilize them anytime you wish. In general, we call such individualized variants modifications, or, short: Mods.

Your contents

Integrate your own contents, e.g. relating to brands or products, and you will be able to experience your multimedia data interactively. We support among others pictures, videos and pdf-files.

Individual design

Adapt Apps and Widgets to your corporate design, e.g. by means of your company logo or the colours of your own corporate identity.

Diverse setting opportunities

Apps and Widgets provide a variety of adjustable parameters that you can determine individually, depending on the Mod.


You can summarize several Mods, e.g. in view of a special event or a certain client, in so-called Mod-groups and, thus, structure your single mods in a meaningful way. The general configurations and styles you define for a certain Mod-group, will automatically be taken over by all subordinated Mods. This gives you the opportunity to quickly adapt multiple Mods within a short period of time.

Import / Export

Once Mods have been set up, they can be copied to multiple systems through a simple import/export function.