AppSuite and Apps can be deployed with a variety of interactive MultiTOUCH displays and touch screens, regardless whether as table, terminal, stele or on the wall.

System requirements

AppSuite is being installed on a multimedia PC or laptop as regular Windows software. Please find details about hardware requirements here.

MultiTOUCH input

Our MultiTOUCH Apps use the de facto standard TUIO protocol as well as the proprietary Windows protocol of Microsoft. Consequently, the hardware should support one of these protocols. We are happy to advise you in case you should have further questions on this issue.

Object recognition for Touchscreens

With AppSuiteĀ“s integrated object recognition technology objects will be recognized like magic as soon as they are placed on the display.

Partner network

Besides our own large-sized displays, we cooperate with different partners to promote flat touch screens in combination with our AppSuite platform. We are happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation in order to find the system most suitable for you!