In our world of intuitive MultiTOUCH applications, Widgets represent the modern version of commonly known application windows. From different multimedia contents, over diverse functions and set-ups, they also include entire Apps that can be started in a separate window alternatively to the full screen mode.

MultiTOUCH windows

Widgets are usually opened in the form of windows. Since the contents of the Widgets are themselves equipped with interactive touch functionalities, the Widgets possess a standardized window frame, over which you can easily move, scale or turn the Widget.

Multimedia contents and functions

From pictures to videos to pdf-files: In the simplest case, Widgets contain a multimedia file. Depending on the type of the medium and its configuration, different actions can be executed through buttons, for example dispatching data via an email form.

Widgets vs. Apps

Besides interactive media, Widgets can also display more complex functionalities, such as multimedia slideshows. All types of Widgets are available for selection when compiling the Views, whereby Apps can additionally be executed as independent applications.


You can compose your own individual Widgets by means of the Widget-Designer via the Content Management System of the AppManager. You can then access the Widgets within so-called Views, in order to combine them with further Widgets and Apps.