Pricing / Licences

Due to our Freemium license model, you can use all Apps for free for the time being. Just install AppSuite, download the Apps and get going!

  • Test all apps & functions for free

  • Flexible subscription plans according to your requirements

  • Access to all apps & widgets

  • Switch licenses between systems at any time

Subscription Plans (SAAS)

The main differences between the different plans are listed below. Click on the button to switch between annual and monthly payment.

Subscription period:



Test all apps, features and services for free, without any obligations.


  • Test all apps, features & services
  • No costs, no obligations


Use two apps per project, removes brandings.

69€ / Month

828€ / Year
179€ / Month

2.148€ / Year
  • 2 Apps per Project
  • Most Media Types
  • Cloud Distribution
  • +200 Mb Cloud Space1


Add more apps and extend your project with external connections.

99€ / Month

1.188€ / Year
249€ / Month

2.988€ / Year
  • 4 Apps per Project
  • Most Media Types
  • Cloud Distribution
  • +3.000 Mb Cloud Space1
  • All Extensions


Use special features in your projects with unlimited apps.

149€ / Month

1.788€ / Year
349€ / Month

4.188€ / Month
  • All Apps per Project
  • All Media Types
  • Cloud Distribution
  • +10.000 Mb Cloud Space1
  • All Extensions
  • Object Recognition


1 The maximum memory of a customer account is the sum of the respective memory of all plan licenses.

Plans: Details

Click on the individual areas to get more information!

Free Essential Extended Special
No Branding -
No Watermarks -
No Popups -
Apps per Project All 2 4 All
Content & Customizing All Limited Limited All
Themes per Project Unlimited 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Supported Media Types All

Image, Video, PDF, Audio, ALG, Sprite

Image, Video, PDF, Audio, ALG, Sprite

Image, Video, PDF, Audio, ALG, Sprite, 3D Model, 360° Image, 360° Video

Cloud / Distribution
Max. Project Size 10 Mb 100 Mb 2 Gb Unlimited
Cloud Storage +10 Mb +200 Mb +3 Gb +10 Gb
App: Version Control
Grassfish Connector
Extensions Limited
Send E-mails -
Printer -
Scanner -
Payment -
Special Features - -
Object Recognition - -
Multi-Screen - -
Send to Screen - -
Analytics Roadmap

Freemium license model

You can download all apps and the AppSuite CMS software for free and use their full range of functions. This includes the possibility to individually design Apps and Widgets and fill them with own contents. The only restriction: Water marks will be displayed that we permanently eliminate in case of fee-based licensing. Try before buy: Download AppSuite now and test the Apps for free!

Download AppSuite for free
Freemium license model

How-to: License apps

At present apps or devices can only be licensed via AppSuite, actually in AppManager (backend) to be precise. To obtain a license open AppSuite, subsequently AppManager. Log in with your username and navigate to the AppStore area within AppManager. A tutorial about how to licence devices you will find in our support area.

To Support Area

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Please click on a question to open the respective answer:

A device licence activates a system with the desired plan. System here means: a PC or mediaplayer.

Our plans are flexibly geared to the different needs of our customers and the respective application possibilities.

Existing purchased licenses for apps remain valid. If you have any questions please contact us directly! Contact

Please contact us directly, all information can be found on our contact page: Contact