New transparent touchscreen cabinets up to 86'' by eyefactive

Innovative product presentation with transparent touchscreen display cabinets HYPEBOX. Now up to 86'', customizable touchscreen apps available.

eyefactive now offers new models of their interactive semi-transparent touchscreen cabinets HYPEBOX up to 86'' inches.

Experience the product presentation of the future today: Present interactive digital information on a virtual layer while the product is simultaneously visible inside the showcase behind the transparent touch screen.

Get started right away: The touchscreen content management software AppSuite is preinstalled on your HYPEBOX. New apps and updates can be conveniently downloaded from eyefactive's online app store for customizable touchscreen software.

Transparent display technology is currently in vogue. The transparent digital signage market is forecasted to grow by $8,282.87 mn during 2022-2027, accelerating at a CAGR of 30.36% during the forecast period.

HYPEBOX: Transparent Touchscreen Cabinets