Whitepaper: The Future of Retail - 9 Key Technologies

Whitepaper: How interactive retail technology is enriching the in-store customer experience. 9 key technologies for point of sale.

In 2021 and beyond, it will be crucial for brick and mortar stores to deliver a seamless multi-channel customer experience in-store. Retail technology will continue to play an instrumental role in digitizing the shopping experience and achieving deeper customer satisfaction. There is no doubt that retail stores will play a key role in meeting customer demand, when stores are finally allowed to reopen. Retail managers are already using the lockdown period to enhance their stores and equip them with innovative solutions of the future.

In this Whitepaper

This whitepaper draws on eyefactive's rich expertise in interactive digital signage to highlight 9 key technologies that retailers should be familiar with in 2021 and beyond.

A pioneer in this industry, eyefactive has helped dozens of retailers delight customers with memorable experiences across automotive, banking and insurance, beauty, food & beverage, electronics, home accessories, hospitality, oil and gas, medicine and technology. Based in Hamburg, Germany, the company has expertise in both touch hardware and software, and operates a one-of-a-kind software technology platform offering retailers easy-to-deploy touchscreen apps.

  • 1. Interactive Shop Windows
  • 2. Self-Service Kiosks
  • 3. Transparent Touchscreen Displays
  • 4. NFC/RFID Tagged Smart Products
  • 5. Touchscreen Tables with Object Recognition
  • 6. XXL Touchscreens with Multi-User Technology
  • 7. Customizable Apps for Large-scale Touchscreens
  • 8. Facial Recognition as an Analytics Tool
  • 9. Smartphone Integration for Multi-Channel Marketing