Multi touch screen software for Museum & Science Center

Interactive digital signage touchscreen software for Museum & Science Center. Exciting infotainment for all ages. Innovative software with individual content, media and designs for museums & science center.

Interactive presentation

Present information interactively with multimedia images, videos, 3D models or PDF brochures.

App: AreaView

Collect feedback

Use interactive forms for valuable feedback on your interactive exhibits.

App: FeedBack

Touch screen photo box

Visitors can print or send their own photos e.g. from a webcam as a souvenir.

App: LivePhoto

Multimedia content

Headphones allow multiple visitors to simultaneously watch informative videos.

App: MediaCloud

Multiuser applications

On large touchscreens, multiple users can simultaneously access interactive media.

App: MediaDonut

Interactive quiz

Test the knowledge of your visitors with interactive quizzes.

App: QuizMe