Interactive Omni-Channel Shopping Guide for Zwilling

In cooperation with muse content GmbH eyefactive develops an interactive touchscreen software for Zwilling as an innovative store concept for the retail space. The multi award-winning POS solution combines the online product portfolio with an on-site local interactive shopping experience for the customer.

Customers may obtain interactive information about Zwilling's product range on big touchscreens on the spot. More than 2500 items were integrated from Zwilling's existing online database and were clearly structured in different categories. Additionally customers also have the option to use a virtual assistant: With simple questions as a means of a preliminary filter the software selects the appropriate items. Additional information in the form of images and videos complement the interactive shopping experience.

Special highlight: many items in the store are equipped with RFID chips. When a customer holds an item to the marked RFID reader,the corresponding information automatically pops up on the display, without any navigation involved. This principle combines the real product with digital additional information and an intuitive user guidance.

Within the multitouch software customers can fill their individual shopping basket. If so desired, a QR code will be generated in real time, which transfers the virtual shopping basket to one's smartphone, where subsequently the purchase can be made online. Alternatively the shopping basket can also be sent via email as a link to conclude the purchase at a later date, e.g. at home on the laptop's browser.



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