MultiTouch arcade classic for up to four players


Up to four opponents compete against each other at the same time: Each player tries to haul the puck with his racket in the opponent’s goal. As with the original, the game ball bounces off the edge of the virtual field. Goals are animated using different effects – very much to the joy of the goal scorer! With many setting options at hand, you adapt the game according to your liking using your own individual design.

True Multiplayer

Up to four players compete together and at the same time – face to face on one touch screen.

Different game modes

Play by points or against the time. In the last man standing mode, points are deducted in case of conceded goals, until only the winner remains.

Your individual design

Among others, you can change the background picture, the colours or logos on rackets and pucks according to your personal liking. How about a soccer-setting?

Latest App-Version

Version: 2.9.1

Licenses / Prices

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90,00 € / rent from

499,00 € / buy

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