MultiTouch memory game with product pictures


Playing MagicPairs, visitors and clients remember your products – all with a big portion of fun. In this totally crazy MultiTouch memory game, cards are moving magically towards a central, virtual abyss. If they fall in, they are spit out again at a random position. Additional challenge is added if you mix up your opponents’ cards with a quick movement of your hand. But beware: Your fellow players will take revenge!

Simple game concept

Your visitors and clients playfully learn about your product portfolio, no instructions are needed.

Several sets of cards

Allocate several sets of cards to define a level, from which the players can choose at the beginning.

Start menu

You choose the number of players and the level via a menu. One touch on Start and off you go!

Individual branding

Integrate your own product pictures in your cards, change colours or equip the back of the cards with your own company logo.

Latest App-Version

Version: 1.9.0

Licenses / Prices

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70,00 € / rent from

399,00 € / buy

Multiple systems? Ask for individual discounts!


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