Start menu with definable click areas to open apps & widgets


Simple design, extremely versatile: layer several click areas over an individual background. These serve as buttons, which will start the desired apps and widgets at a touch. That way you can create various start menus for apps and widgets. You can choose an individual graphic or shape for each button, position it and configure it with miscellaneous parameters.

Freely definable click areas

For each click area you can choose an individual shape or graphic as your button. Each button can then be assigned to start an app or widget.

Versatile use

Since click areas are invisible by default, AreaView may also be used for a hidden object game. Use this option for special campaigns for instance, where users will have to find hidden buttons in the background image in order to gain access to certain content.

Various parameters

Individually configure apps with different settings. E.g. decide whether buttons shall light up, giving visual feedback upon touch.


Create various structures of submenus by interlacing several individual AreaView mods.

Individual design

Choose for each click area individually from a set of standard shapes or use a transparent graphic. As buttons are invisible, the background (wallpaper) will be displayed instead.

Latest App-Version

Version: 1.8.0

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