Product comparison with touch screen object recognition


Innovative shopping experience at point of sale: hold the desired products to a touch screen - and a well arranged chart opens displaying the most important parameters. It is even possible to compare multiple products at the same time. In accordance to the number of objects, the comparison table expands automatically. Comparing products has never been easier!

Integrated object recognition

With AppSuite's integrated object recognition technology, objects will be recognized as if by magic as soon as they are placed on the display.

Interactive media for product information

In addition to the comparison chart, further information for any object can be displayed in different media.

Adjustable comparison parameters

Define the desired parameter for the comparable products yourself. If required, an analysis including conclusion can be displayed in the summary table.

Clear comparison table

The individual parameters are visualized in lines, depending on the product the comparison chart extends by another column.

Compare multiple objects

Only limited by the size of the touch screen users can compare any number of objects at the same time.

Latest App-Version

Version: 1.1.0

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699,00 € / buy

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