Present multimedia content in a fresh way: A Touch on virtual pucks that hover over the touch surface opens a set of multimedia files. The puck additionally acts as an interactive menu: pie sliced thumbnails are laid out in a spiral around the virtual puck allowing the show and hide of data by touch.

Spiral menus with thumbnail previews

To every virtual puck you may allocate a file folder, which content opens automatically as a set of files. Subfolders open a slider which enables to flip through a subfolder´s content by simple swipe gestures. Individual media can be shown and hidden by manually dragging the selection off the screen or touching the corresponding pie slice on the puck menu.

Automatic sorting

Open media files are being automatically arranged in free areas on the screen.This ensures an optimum overview even with several open files at all times.

View function

Apart from multimedia files a puck may also open any random app.

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Common App Features

All apps have the following features among others:

  • Cross-Platform


    Use apps on all touch screens, tables, kiosk terminals and videowalls, in all formats and resolutions.

  • Multi-Touch


    Control apps, widgets and media elements easily with intuitive touch gestures - like on your smartphone.

  • Multi-User


    Open different apps in windows - or in fullscreen together with multiple users simultaneously.

  • Your own contents & designs

    Your own contents & designs

    Transform your products and brands into exciting interactive software solutions - in your corporate design.

  • Cloud Management

    Cloud Management

    Online cloud distribution and management of apps, content and systems.

  • High Performance

    High Performance

    Smooth operation on large-scale touchscreens in HD, UHD or other resolutions.

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