Interactive maps with HotSpots


Add multimedia information to invidually definable locations - so called HotSpots - on a virtual map. Users can open their own virtual terminal which appears above the complete map. Then they can navigate independently and parallely to other users. Corresponding information e.g. images, PDF documents or animated videos can be stored for every HotSpot. By composing individually definable categories you will be able to list manyfold HotSpots and navigate quickly to a chosen destination.

Virtual Terminals

Several users can navigate on the map simultaneously and independently and open HotSpots individually in virtual widget windows.

Filter Categories

Allocate different categories to your HotSpots helping users to get to the desired locations quickly.


Maps can be divided into several sublevels with their own individual maps, e.g. countries, districts and cities. These submaps open up quick and easy within the interactive terminals.

Auto Grouping

Several HotSpots in the same location are automatically grouped and open up with an animated autozoom upon user activation.

Latest App-Version

Version: 3.4.4

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699,00 € / buy

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