Multitouch puzzle with animated videos


A puzzle can not surprise anyone anymore? Your clients won’t forget this interactive puzzle game easily: Players, either jointly in a team or against each other, put together single puzzle pieces displaying snippet of a picture or an animated video. Already a few puzzle pieces become an exciting challenge, if the content of the single pieces constantly changes. Integrate your product pictures or promotional trailers in order for your guests and clients to experience them in a playful way.

New puzzle experience

Put together single puzzle pieces with your hands in an intuitive way, by simply touching, dragging and turning them with your fingers.

Animated contents

Besides simple pictures, you can also assemble animated videos. The video images continue to run on the respective single pieces.

Different levels and game modes

Via a menu you select the number of teams as well as the level with the respective puzzle image or video.

Individual design

Change the style of this App according to your liking, for example by using your own colours and your company logo.

Latest App-Version

Version: 1.14.5

Licenses / Prices

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70,00 € / rent from

399,00 € / buy

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