Skill game including gravity and platforms


Action-packed game reaching great heights: By pulling a line with the finger, players draw a spring board. Depending on the angle, the character jumps in the corresponding direction and drops down afterwards. The aim is to bring your character higher than those of your fellow players and, at the same time, beat the highscore. The collection of randomly distributed coins scores further points. Logically, your opponents share the same objective, while drawing their own platforms. Since all of this is happening on the same touch screen, it might get a bit hectic – fun is guaranteed!

Who thinks ahead, wins!

By drawing platforms at the right time and direction, players are able to direct their character to the desired direction. Collecting coins brings points to get to the top of the highscore.

No game equals another

Choose the number of players before starting the game and allocate your favourite colour to your character.


At the end of a game, the winner can register in the highscore list, which is available at all times via the start menu.

Your logo as character

Use your company logo as an interactive character! Further logos and images can be integrated in virtual advertising panels on the sidelines of the pitch.

Latest App-Version

Version: 2.3.0

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35,00 € / rent from

199,00 € / buy

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