Take photos and share them immediately on the touch screen


The attraction for functions and events: Digital pictures are being transferred within seconds and via wifi on to the display – almost magically! As soon as the photos are taken, visitors, guests and clients instantly turn up on the display. The pictures can be moved, enlarged and turned freely with intuitive hand movements. Furthermore, the photos can be sent to the email account of the entered recipient through a virtual keyboard.

Assorting options

With finger movements, you drag a virtual frame around several photos to tag them cumulatively. Thereafter, the pictures can be aligned evenly in a matrix or in a pile to be flicked through.

Wireless transfer

Right after shooting, digital photos can be transferred wirelessly to the touch system with a special wifi memory card (the corresponding wifi card is obtainable in addition).

Email dispatch

Users can directly dispatch photos by entering an email address through a virtual keyboard (online connection is required).

Individual water marks

Define a graphic as water mark that you want to appear in all photos, e.g. your company logo or a URL.

Latest App-Version

Version: 2.9.4

Licenses / Prices

Please find all information about our license model here.

125,00 € / rent from

699,00 € / buy

Multiple systems? Ask for individual discounts!


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