Interactive webbrowser with touch control


Make use of the manifold possibilites of a web browser integrated in eyefactive´s world of intuitive MultiTouch and MultiUser software. Browse websites, post comments on social networks like facebook or twitter or run interactive web applications in full screen mode or several windows.

Chrome Webbrowser

We have adjusted the functionality of the Chrome browser for our touch operation.

MultiUser sessions

Run various browsers parallel in dedicated windows, enabling users to simultaneously operate their individual browser independently.

Using Plugins

The browser supports various script languages including Flash and HTML5. This means you can use the browser e.g. as a player for your own apps based on these languages.

Various settings

Every browser can be configurated in many ways. For instance you could limit user access to a certain domain only.


Please note that there is a vast number of manifold content in the infinite cosmos of the world wide web out there and this fact may also hold potential problems and obstacles. Therefore we can´t guarantee flawless browser operation on every website, every script language and every content. Please check particular content in question individually. You may do so anytime completely free of charge: just register, download and test out.

Latest App-Version

Version: 1.9.1

Licenses / Prices

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125,00 € / rent from

699,00 € / buy

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