MultiUser media player for sounds and videos


With this App, you use several multimedia terminals as audio player at the same time: Multimedia contents in the form of circular symbols sporting logos of the contained data are situated on the interactive touch display. If a user drags one of the virtual objects into his media player, the respective content is getting started. Depending on the number of sound channels set, each user can either receive the audio signal of the media file in parallel with head phones or in succession and split over the speakers of the respective device.

Simultaneous listening

The parallel listening of sounds is possible due to the existence of several audio exits (provided that the respective hardware including head phones is available).

Interactive terminals

Users steer multimedia contents interactively via MultiTouch in their own media players.

Multimedia contents

Integrate sound and video contents of any size that can be dragged into the users’ own media players, where it can get started.

Latest App-Version

Version: 1.8.0

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90,00 € / rent from

499,00 € / buy

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