Whitepaper: Reviving Retail Following the Corona Crisis

Whitepaper: Reviving retail following the corona crisis. Strategies for Point of sale (POS) after the lockdown.

The world finds itself in an unprecedented situation during the Covid-19 pandemic - with one-third of the global population under partial or complete lockdown and retail stores shuttered indefinitely. As people turn to e-commerce for essential goods, websites and operations have been overwhelmed by demand and logistical challenges.

There is no doubt that retail stores will play a key role in meeting customer demand, when stores are finally allowed to reopen. Retailers should use the current "downtime" wisely to prepare for an entirely new retail environment and drastically different customer expectations.

In this whitepaper:

  • 1. Self-service kiosks will help minimize human contact
  • 2. Interactive shop windows will extend store opening hours to 24/7
  • 3. Loyalty programs will help encourage new in-store behavior and reward purchases on-site
  • 4. Contactless mobile payments will become the new norm for brick 'n' mortar stores
  • 5. Automated hand sanitizer dispensers will help reassure customers