With the first B2B AppStore for large-scale professional touchscreens a growing number of innovative multiuser business apps is right at your hands: Interactive digital signage software for public spaces, points of sale & information, trade shows and events - as well as collaborative teamwork in companies.

Easily customizable with an intuitive content mangagement software, no programming skills required. For all multitouch displays, tables and walls to control with multiple users simultaneously together!

Interactive Business Apps

First interactive digital signage appstore with a growing number of ready-to-use business apps for effective marketing and collaborative teamwork.

Intuitive MultiTouch Control

Control software the most intuitive way just with your fingers. Use simple hand gestures to move, scale or rotate digital content.

MultiUser Technology

Based on our award-winning multiuser technology, for the first time multiple users are able to control the same application simultaneously together on large-scale touchscreens.


All apps run within AppSuite CMS software on all types of larger touch screens being connected to / or having an integrated Windows-PC.

Your Content

Integrate your own digitalized content to use within various multimedia apps with support of all common images, pdf documents and video formats.

Your Design

Style apps in your individual corporate design, with your respective logos, icons and colors.

Easy Customization

Due to the integrated content management system coming with the AppSuite, customizing apps and widgets is done easily, no programming skills required!

Touch Simulator

No touchscreen available? No problem, due to the integrated touch simulator, AppSuite and apps can be used with mouse and keyboard on your laptop.

Object recognition for Touchscreens

With AppSuite´s integrated object recognition technology objects will be recognized like magic as soon as they are placed on the display.

Individual Projects

Combine multiple apps to flexible projects and start them from customizable menus.

Quick Import & Export

Distributing your customized project to multiple screens is done easily with an integrated import and export function with just one click.


AppSuite tracks several parameters about usage behavior of your projects for later analysis, i.e. favorite apps, widgets and media content.

Free Updates

Get updates for apps and AppSuite for free and browse new apps and features online via the connected AppStore.


Test all apps & AppSuite functions and create your own projects with your own content and designs – without limitations. A chargeable licence finally removes watermarks for live-usage.