Interactive social media dashboard


Offer your visitors and clients an interactive experience of your social media activities on large interactive touchscreens: New tweets and posts on facebook, twitter & co. popup on a multitouch dashboard in realtime. Simple touch gestures enable users to interactively sort messages or open and zoom in on photos.

Support for multiple social media channels

Kombinieren Sie mehrere Social Media Feeds auf einem Dashboard. Derzeit unterstützt SocialStream die Social Media Netzwerke Facebook und Twitter. Weitere Social Media Kanäle sind bereits in Planung.

Combine digital signage and mobile

Users can post directly live onto the SocialStream feed via smartphone or tablet.

Multimedia support

Open embedded multimedia content easily by touch and move, zoom and rotate it intuitively with your hands.

Various filter settings

Use different filter settings for each social media channel to get exactly the combined feed you desire.

Latest App-Version

Version: 1.5.1

Licenses / Prices

Please find all information about our license model here.

125,00 € / rent from

699,00 € / buy

Multiple systems? Ask for individual discounts!


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