Innovative touchscreen solution at POS for Mars Petcare in Berlin

In a Berlin Edeka store Mars Petcare presents its innovative concept of a pet food department with an interactive experience. The world leading innovator of its branch makes use of multitouch software on multiple touch screens by eyefactive. Among the better know brands of Mars are e.g. Pedigree, Frolic and Whiskas.

Mars Petcare strives to reach out to its shoppers on an emotional level with an innovative concept at point of sale and fulfill their needs for information and entertainment. On a HYPEBOX by MMT with transparent touchscreen customers can gain information about products and the brand Pedigree. The compartment behind the transparent LCD touchscreen provides the space for the presentation of real life products. The project was implemented in cooperation with the agency BE:TWO from Bremen. Another central element in the department is a multitouch info terminal providing holistic information about dog and cat keeping and challenges the visitor with a quiz to test his knowledge. It empoys various apps from the eyefactive AppStore for interactive digital signage software. The digital signage concept was complemented with further displays in "stretched" special formats. The pet food department will remain in the E-Center Moabit open to inspection by pet owners. Individual components have already made their way to other stores - and will most certainly be found at many other retail spaces in the future.


EDEKA Store (Berlin)
EDEKA Store (Berlin)