Multimedia catalogue with shopping basket system


Design your services and products in the form of interactive experiences: User open their own MediaBrowser, which provides them with the opportunity to browse through information offers of any size. Depending on the format, you zoom into product images with simple gestures, run video trailers or leaf through information brochures. Favoured information will be tagged as favourites and collected in a virtual basket. Media can easily be emailed through a virtual keyboard – individually or collectively through the shopping basket / favourite system.

3D matrix overview

With intuitive hand movements, you browse through a file structure with sub-files and multimedia contents that are visualized as 3D matrix.

Multimedia contents

Present your products using pictures, pdf-files and videos that you easily start with a touch of your finger.

Shopping basket system

Data deemed very interesting to you, is marked as a favourite and can later be retrieved in a well-structured way via the virtual shopping basket.

Sharing contents

Media marked as favourite can be directly dispatched through a virtual keyboard via email.

Simple integration of data

Each MediaBrowser directly takes over the file/folder structure with the contained media data determined by you.

Corporate design

Adapt the visual illustration to your corporate design through different parameters.

Latest App-Version

Version: 1.10.0

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499,00 € / buy

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