Interactive Infotainment Tables on Cruise Ship AIDAnova

To augment and enhance the Excellence-Class AIDAnova cruise ship, eyefactive has installed a set of four highly versatile TAURUS 65'' UHD interactive touchscreen tables that offer a variety of uses for guests and staff alike.

The benefits provided by the strategically placed multi-touch & multi-user tables include the following:

  • Interactive multiuser touchscreen apps to entertain and inform guests

  • Customizable multiplayer games for guests of all ages

  • Interactive 3D deck-plans with detailed inforomation about points of interest

  • Interactive 3D world map with info about AIDA fleet, weather forecast, and excursions at the respective destinations

The AIDAnova is one of the most modern and most technologically advanced vessels in the Costa Corporation’s multinational conglomerate, operating around the coast of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea. AIDA’s decision to add interactive touch tables to their newly-built AIDAnova ship came from a need to create an innovative, engaging solution that simultaneously informs and entertains guests in the vessel's Art & Picture Club.

The casings of the multi-touch tables needed to be extra robust and sturdy to be used on a cruise ship, so eyefactive accommodated this need with extra support to the tables’ sleek, attractive design. With fun and exciting multi-player games as well as uniquely designed and helpful informative apps, the tables provide 24-hour assistance to any and all guests aboard the ship.

The tables came ready-to-use with customized standard apps from eyefactive's Touchscreen App Store. This includes four multi-user games that can be played simultaneously on the same table: AirHockey, PathControl, VideoPuzzle, and MagicPairs. Each game can include customizable content, such as wallpapers, logos & colors, thus present themselves in the corporate style of AIDA. The custom 3D deck-plan included with the multitouch software is particularly effective as a tool to assist guests in finding points of interest, discovering more about the ship, and even as a way to promote various offerings in an engaging, interactive, and 3D way. Users can browse through the decks and see all of the options in each section, or search for a particular point of interest, which is then highlighted on the respective deck. Users can easily toggle between decks, browse through categories, search using keywords such as "restaurant", or access any other information they may need to augment their experience - all at the touch of a finger. Guests also have 24-hour access to an interactive 3D globe with information about the AIDA fleet, including the next destination, speed, weather, available excursions, and more. The visually stimulating 3D globe offers detailed information that can be interacted with in a variety of ways. Users can zoom all the way out and rotate the globe to view the placement of the entire cruise fleet across exotic destinations worldwide, or zoom all the way down to view each individual vessel for a uniquely detailed view of the luxurious cruise fleet, its harbors, and anything that might pique the curiosity of the guest. The user experience of the app is an adventure of its own that captivates both kids and adults.


AIDAnova Kreuzfahrtschiff