ADAC mobility lab Hamburg: Driving Digital Transformation

The ADAC mobility lab, powered by eyefactive's interactive touchscreen signage solution, exemplifies the organisation's dedication to embracing digital transformation and delivering a dynamic, self-service experience to customers.

In response to evolving customer needs, the Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club (ADAC) collaborated with eyefactive to embark on a transformative journey aimed at redefining its services and enhancing customer engagement. The project's focal point was the implementation of eyefactive's cutting-edge multi-touch technology within ADAC shops, with the trial phase initiated at the newly established ADAC Lab.

The multitouch software solution provided by eyefactive includes the following customized standard apps: VideoPuzzle, PucksView, SlideShowFX, AirHockey, ClickThrough, and several multimedia widgets. The apps offer features such as online navigation, gaming, dynamic content presentation in multiple interactive windows, and more. The touchscreen tables' unique capabilities allow multiple customers to engage simultaneously, enhancing the overall experience.

"eyefactive's interactive signage touchscreen solution has truly revolutionised our customer experience at ADAC Lab. The multitouch table, paired with a software project made of several customized apps, has allowed our customers to independently explore our vast range of services, breaking free from traditional perceptions. It's not just a digital upgrade; it's a game-changer in how we engage with our customers."



ADAC mobility lab in Hamburg