HafenCity Hamburg: An exhibition becomes digital

Visitors can access information in different ways: from a digital touch table to virtual 3D models to good old-fashioned boards - and that is exactly where the work of eyefactive and the agency Rock & Stars commissioned by HafenCity GmbH comes into play.

The brief was to come up with an interactive solution for different locations that access and use the same content, but could be individually managed and controlled. Furthermore, a cloud-based, flexible data exchange was required.


In addition to the 3D models in the exhibition, a 65'' multitouch table became the digital center of the action in the Kesselhaus (Museum) - this way a large number of visitors could get information about HafenCity at the same time. The touch experience is supported by a 43'' wall installation providing a quick overview in its function as a sightseeing guide. In order to present the project also at trade fairs and on roadshows the digital concept was extended by a 80'' UHD multitouch table for trade fairs.


The project for HafenCity GmbH was implemented with various apps from the eyefactive AppStore. The ClickThrough app for instance serves as the base for operability and switching languages. The different urban quarters of the city hover and move on the screen by help of the PucksView app. When tapping on an item, MatrixView takes one to the next level and further information on the topic of the previously called up puck becomes available.

To display famous Hamburg landmarks one takes to AreaView, which also leads one to the next level for further information. Users can download flyers and have them sent to their email address with the app MediaBrowser. The app WebBrowser helps in displaying the overview of the individual web pages of an urban quarter. To add a little fun the AirHockey game was hidden in the application. (A click on the Alster fountain and the seagulls can have a match on the Alster lake competing over a lifebuoy representing the puck.)

Moreover, several individual software developments were made. Via app FlowSlides texts and images are loaded from a CSV file and are available upon selection of an item. By means of the installation of a cloud & hosting programme, customers and developers alike gain access to the apps and programmes. This function also facilitates content upload or modification from several computers. This way updates can be easily realized, for instance during closing times or at trade fairs.


The development of the cloud & hosting connectivity and the respective admin/user rights posed another technological challenge. This means projects can now be managed, modified and distributed on a computer with admin rights without physically operating it. Projects are amended online in the eyefactive Cloud and then synchronized to defined clients - players. That way modifications can be made for an unlimited number of clients.


All apps were flexibly adapted to customer's needs in this project. Thus, the conventional licencing system was converted to a plan licence model and the development of the corresponding GUI was carried out in cooperation with the client. Furthermore, training sessions on how to use the apps were held as well as workshops on how to create and modify content.

..."first of all “Thanks a lot” to the entire team: the application is drop-dead gorgeous! I was expecting a good performance, but what you have accomplished in this short a time is simply phenomenal – ... Also Ms. von Kameke and management were very impressed..."

André Stark M.A., Press


HafenCity Hamburg GmbH
InfoCenter @ Kesselhaus